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August 4, 2011 | Books

It isn’t just those interested in library science who are in need of a book. If just entering your first year of college or need something to read for your next vacation, a good book is just the thing. With rumors of the demise of the printed word as we know it, there are still signs of life to be found all over the web. And the good news is that there are just as many options for sellers as there are for buyers.

To help out, we have gathered the top 25 sites to buy and sell used books. They include some of the many options available to those in search of getting rid of and buying textbooks, as well as the more traditional and recreational options available.

Top Sites to Buy and Sell Used Textbooks

A necessary read, textbooks can be just one of the many expenses associated with college. Use the below to buy and sell textbooks over the web.

  1. Campus Books
    Not only does this site do the whole buy/sell thing, but they also offer the option to rent textbooks. They have loads of the most popular textbooks right on the homepage, along with a blog and their very own app. You can even use them to use your local library or bookstore as a pick up place to save on shipping.
  2. Big Words
    Mashable named their app as the number one for back to school. Their bulk savings are also worth the visit and can offer up to $225 in average savings on multi-item orders. There are also other incentives such as referral points and even other media.
  3. eCampus
    They offer a textbook guarantee on the homepage of their site. In addition to textbooks, you can also find e-textbooks, regular books, movies, and even college gear. There is also a marketplace with more for students who want to sell.
  4. Bookbyte
    This site is billed as “the textbook way to save.” They are currently offering a ten percent rebate when you return your books to their site. Other offers such as expedited shipping and more are regularly featured.
    In addition to buying and selling, you can download textbooks at this site. You can also rent books here and get a matching guarantee. They also have their own social learning network.
  6. Blue Rectangle
    With many sites making up for low prices with high shipping costs, take the guesswork out of buying and selling books here. They are one of the original buyback sites that offer free shipping. They also have movie and videogame buyback options.
  7. Cash 4
    Similar to the above, they also send you free labels when you sell your books to them. They also offer an app and even an easy, how-to video to learn exactly how to sell your book. You can even scroll down to see the latest buybacks to happen.
  8. Sell Back Your
    Simply enter your ISBN number to get an offer from this site. They also offer free shipping and are constantly updating their prices. There is also a hotline to call for those who prefer a human voice.

Top Sites to Buy and Sell Used Books

Get good, old-fashioned books on these sites as well as a few other choices below.

  1. Abe Books
    The site was built on a passion for books. It now runs on a healthy buying and selling online market. You can buy books directly from them or through the active community. They also offer rare books and cash for textbooks.
  2. eBay Books
    Buy and sell your books auction-style with the help of this popular site. Often boasting the best prices for both buyer and seller by eliminating the middle man, you can both list and bid on as many or as few books as you like. There are also loads of other items on the site.
    Also part of eBay, get just the buying here. You can use their search engine to find books of all kinds, including textbooks. They even have a special section where paperbacks are featured for one dollar.
  4. Amazon Student
    In addition to being the most recognized name in online books, Amazon has a specialty store for just about everything, including this one for students. They offer loads of options for those with textbooks, including a special trade-in option. You can also find loads of other items for students, as well as new and used books.
  5. Barnes & Noble
    Another top book seller, both online and in stores, they have this special search for out of print, used books, signed books, and even rare editions. Simply type in your item to begin searching for it.
  6. Valore Books
    They are an exclusive place for students to get both regular books and textbooks. They often offer books for as little as a penny and have the usual buying and selling of textbooks.
  7. Thriftbooks
    Over one million used books have been donated to this site and are offered at low prices. Check out the latest books, or even get a bargain bin where everything is under four dollars.

Other Top Sites to Buy and Sell Used Books

Get the best of the rest in buying and selling used books with the help of these sites.

  1. Cengage Brain
    At first glance, this seems like just an ordinary place to buy and sell books online. However, they are one of the few to offer to sell just a chapter of a book, which can come in handy for those who don’t need the whole thing. They also offer traditional options and best buy packages.
  2. Chegg
    If looking just to rent your books, then stop here. They offer textbook rentals that can have you saving hundreds of dollars. They even offer a 21 day “any reason” guarantee.
  3. BookRenter
    Similar to the above, you can save up to 80 percent by renting your textbooks. With over 500,000 textbooks available for the renting, they even allow you to highlight and write in them with no penalties. They also have a guarantee and return policy.
  4. Course Smart
    Save a few bucks and a tree with a visit here. They specialize in selling digital textbooks. The average saving for a digital textbook vs. a traditional one can be as much as $66.00.
  5. Café Scribe
    If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the above, click here. They also have loads of digital textbooks on the site. They also have special groups on the site available with a sign up.
  6. Textbook Revolution
    Because free is better, stop here. They are a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors. Simply use their search engine to see if the textbook you need is available at no charge.
  7. Comic Book Classifieds
    If you prefer the kind of books with pictures, click here. This is one of the leading online sites to buy and sell comic books. Both buyers and sellers can list their ads here.
  8. Bookfinder
    Getting bored with entering all your information into various sites? Then stop here to enter one book and get returns on several sites. You can even use them to view books by entire course lists.
  9. Add All
    With various costs snuck into buying books online, try this site to get the bottom line for one book on many sites. Their search engine compares over 40 sites at once. You can also get comparisons for music, movies, and more.
  10. Bookswap
    Think you can get more for that used book than what the sites are offering you? Then visit here to get a student to student bulletin board of buying and selling used books. It works as a sort of online classifieds for books and even offers email notifications.

Whether looking to cut the cost of an education by saving on textbooks or need to catch up on the latest books, there are many options in the above top 25 sites to buy and sell used books. If looking for an older, more well-known book, why not try a site like Project Gutenberg to see if it is available over free as an eBook?

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