Different parts of thesis writing

The statement

As always the first thing in any writing is its title, so thesis writing’s first step should be forming a title statement that will attract the respective target audience. The Indiana University writing services have clearly stated that a proper title is a one or two sentence of analytical statements that will later follow in detail in the thesis writing. A good and strong statement is one that includes important arguments, prospective and is totally focused on what you are about to write.

Introductory pages

Every institution has their own thesis writing guidelines so students are strongly recommended to look at those before starting their own thesis writing. Mostly the first few pages include the blank pages and title related pages. The university of Arkansas has its own thesis preparation guide for its graduate students. On the title page a degree related statement is mentioned and this is followed by the authors or the thesis writer’s name. You can also mention previous attained degrees as well.


An abstract is a kind of statement that is usually written before the main body of the thesis writing mostly in academic papers. Having the same purpose as a thesis statement the abstract is a little longer and portraits a brief idea of the main thesis writing. It is about half a page no more than this.

Databases such as Ebasco and ProQuest give good examples of how to write an abstract. The University libraries have access to most of these databases.

Approval page

This page contains the names of the professors that have identified the work of the student and approve of his thesis writing. This page also includes the signatures of these professors. They may often be followed by a copyright claim page.

Table of contents

An immensely important part of thesis writing is its table of contents. Each section, part and chapter is listed on this page in a small one line statement. Such pages that come before the main body of the thesis writing are numbered in Roman numerals.

Every part of the thesis writing is important and has its own significance in it. You can never expect to come up with a good, well placed, well informative, analytical research and argumentative thesis writing if you do not follow these steps and don’t give importance to such parts of thesis writing.