Decide the nature of your research paper. You should know what it is about to know how to make a thesis statement. Thesis statements in your research paper are basically the declarative statements that represent the conclusion of your research. Before you write a thesis statement in your research paper, decide a generalized statement which you think your readers should be learning from. The remaining part of your research paper is supposed to defend this statement.

Another point that you are supposed to remember is that you should also write the topics of your body paragraphs. A good statement is supposed to be specific in nature and should not include any point that is not covered in the research paper.

An important point that will tell you how to make a thesis statement is that thesis statements should be short and not more than a single sentence. Usually marks are lost if the statement is very long.

Once you have learnt how to make a thesis statement and have written a declarative and concise statement, you can put it somewhere in your introductory paragraph.

The fifth point to remember as the answer of how to make a thesis statement is that you must always concentrate on the main argument and should know your topic’s area that you are proving in the research paper. At least a single WH (What, Who, When, Where and Why) question has to be addressed which will let the readers know your way of thinking.

How to make a thesis statement? Well your statement must answer the question and if it does not, then appropriate changes have to be made.

Main idea of your paper must be expressed. Main idea is basically your thoughts about your chosen topic and the answer to the question which you have asked.

Your statement should be researchable. Neither too narrow nor to broad.

Your true opinion has to be expressed and not something that contradicts your way of thinking or something which you may not accept later on.