Don’t worry if you’re going through such experience, luckily for you here’s the list of creative prompts that can trigger your work. Sometimes it takes a few words to start writing till the sunset.

Remember, there are no certain rules, you can write whatever you want, an essay, a short story, a poem,  it’s your call. Consider writing a hundred words, or thousand, whatever, just write and have fun.

Sudden wealth

Imagine that you were digging in the garden and found some gold or expensive jewelry. The story about the sudden wealth attracts people, as many of us dream of it.

A first romantic experience…

Be bold to write a poem about your first romantic experience (the sexual one will be more even exciting for readers). I bet the story about such things will increase your chances to give a good self-introduction to the readers.

Magical talisman

One young politician has found a magical talisman that allows him to read minds. What will he do with this unique gift in this cruel world?

The mystery of home

You came to your home, and the furniture has changed, the décor is different, you can’t recognize your house. Nobody is home, only one note on the table says…

Detective story

The detective stories are always popular among the readers. Write a story about a detective who investigates, his/her partner’s murder…

A bittersweet truth

The kids were raised under the motto ‘Family is everything’. One day they’ve found out the bittersweet truth their parents are not the people they pretended to be.  What will they do? Why did parents deceive them? Will the family be broken?

A difficult choice

The doctor has come into the room with the saddest sight… ‘There is only one who can survive, your wife or your unborn child’.

Unexpected guest

She turned the key and opened the door to her flat. As usually, she walks into her room, and the horror of whom she sees goes through her body…

Social impact

Write about some ugly feeling- fear, rage, cruelty, hate. What can change them? How can they be turned into beauty? What social impact can contribute to the positive environment in our society?

Dragon story

In the era of ‘The Game of Thrones,’ the story about dragons will interest just everyone!

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